Webinar | ThinkCities®, a decision-making tool for sustainable territorial development

Webinar ThinkCities®, a decision support tool for sustainable territorial development.

Discover ThinkCities, a decision support tool for sustainable territorial development .

France aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and the role of local authorities and public developers is central to the implementation of this strategy. But this task seems difficult to achieve given the complexity and transversality of the subjects of ecological transition.

For this, adequate decision support tools must be developed to bring about sustainable projects and enable stakeholders already engaged in the sustainable territorial development (EcoQuartier, Cit’ergie, CRTE, etc.) to be part of a logic of permanent improvement.

During this Webinar, Gwenaëlle CARFANTAN, President of UrbanThink®, will present ThinkCities®, a decision support tool that uses mathematical modeling and historical data to evaluate the ecological performance of any project. urban development at the scale of a Neighborhood, a ZAC, a Community, an EPCI, etc.

Systemic, scalable and adaptable to each project, ThinkCities® provides elements understanding of the territory to develop informed strategies and decisions consistent with the objectives of the ecological and energy transition.

Keywords: Land use planning ; Smart City; Data Science; sustainability ; Data ; Carbon footprint ; territorial resilience

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