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UrbanThink® is an online platform dedicated to the development of digital solutions to help with ecological and energy transition for sectors with high decarbonation potential such as :

• Sustainable territorial development (ThinkCities®)

• Solar energy (Athénergie®)

• Carbon-free mobility (Assistance to Carbon-Free Mobility – work in progress)

Innovation is at the center of the different solutions of the UrbanThink® platform which share a common objective : to provide relevant and up-to-date information for any ecological decision.

UrbanThink® is the commercial brand of K-LC®, a subsidiary of the SETUR group, specialized in the development of digital solutions in the field of ecological transition: ThinkCities®, Athenergie®.

Supporting you through your strategy for decarbonation

ThinkCities® - 1st Territorial Geodecision Service

ThinkCities® is dedicated to regional planning to accelerate the ecological and energy transition at all scales of the district, from the ZAC, the EPCI, to urban areas, port sites, tourist sites, etc.


This decision support involves the 3D digital twin and the historicization of territorial data on biodiversity, the circular economy, mobility, water, societal approaches and energy/climate, public lighting, etc. .

It is an inclusive, educational and very easy to use tool.

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Athenergie® - Self-consumption of solar energy

Athenergie® is dedicated to energy savings simulations to assess the income from your built and unbuilt assets. With its 25 technical, financial and decarbonization indicators, it estimates profitability thanks to the pre-sizing of photovoltaic projects for individual and collective self-consumption.

The simulations involve the real-time visualization of your future energy savings thanks to solar energy on the scale of a building or an urban block.

This clarifies all possible choices by optimizing and securing your energy investments.

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