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Frequently asked questions

What is Athénergie®?
Athénergie® is a web-based application that brings objectivity to your decision-making by providing a systemic assessment of your individual or collective solar energy self-consumption projects through three types of business indicators: technical, economic and ecological.
This evaluation, backed up by our experts, enables you to maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your ecological footprint by producing clean energy locally.
How many users or access accounts does Athénergie® have per subscription?
The number of users is limited for all annual packages. We encourage owners to use it for all their properties nationwide. There are no geographical limitations.
What's the difference between a project and a simulation in this tool?
We define a project as an area of property intended for ACC or ACI in which simulations are unlimited. Consequently, a project is a file of simulations on a building or parking lot area destined to receive a shade structure, for example.
Any photovoltaic project simulated using Athénergie® is called a simulation.
I'm on a tight budget, can I afford it?
Are you planning to increase your project volume? Athénergie® lets you double your prospecting and quoting capacity, without hiring new staff.
What’s more, every photovoltaic project simulation comes with a detailed report including recommendations.
Do I need external data sources to work with Athénergie®?
Technical and decarbonized data not, unless you wish to customize.
Yes, although Athénergie® provides default data sources for site topography (IGN BD Topo), meteorological data (Météo France) and solar radiation (PVGIS 5), some customer data is required to calculate technical and economic indicators.
Customers can upload their own consumption data in a CSV file or via Enedis Data Connect (an API integrated into Athénergie®), subject to consent if you are not the owner of the building to be simulated. Descriptive installation data can also be uploaded by modifying a generic sample file.
How much does a PMO consultancy cost?
The amount of the consultancy fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis and depends on the project and the nature of the support required (legal structuring, creation of the PMO, drafting of the electricity sales contract). An estimate can be sent to you free of charge if you wish, following an initial discussion of your project.
Is my data secure?
Yes, copies of the server are backed up daily, in France, so that we can restore your data if necessary and guarantee its security.
An SSL certificate is also in place to encrypt data.

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