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Frequently asked questions

What is ThinkCities®?
ThinkCities® is a geodecision software used to cross-reference data, localize operational issues, determine the scope of action(s), perform spatial analyses and visualize territorial indicators. ThinkCities® combines the power of geospatial data with other types of data, in a centralized software package. This tool saves time and money on complex decision-making, planning and development processes.
Can I benefit from the stimulus package ?
Click here to find out more about the stimulus package.
Is your software right for me ?
Yes, our software is the best option for you if you’re a developer, elected official or land agent. It will provide you with the information, analysis and visibility you need to evaluate, plan, visualize and manage your land development projects.
Should I buy or rent the software ?
The cost of ThinkCities® consists of a set-up fee and an annual subscription. We offer different subscription formulas to suit different customer needs.
Is it necessary to install sensors to obtain the information used by UrbanThink for its analyses ?
No. ThinkCities® collects information from multiple sources, including sensors. If the customer has sensors installed, ThinkCities® can use your information to refine the analysis and develop new indicators customized to your needs.
Is it necessary to install the application on the computer or on the server ?
No. We’re a cloud-based service (SaaS), so customers access their ThinkCities® space with a username and password.
Do I need any specific knowledge to use the application ?
No. The interfaces are very intuitive and the process is highly standardized so that the user doesn’t need to acquire any additional knowledge.
Does the tool allow you to export information on queries performed and print reports ?
Yes, all collected information can be exported to .csv, KML or Excel files, and you can also print out reports and maps in PDF format for use in any other field.
Is my data secure ?
Yes, copies of the server are backed up daily, in France, so that we can restore your data if necessary and guarantee its security.
An SSL certificate is also in place to encrypt data.

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