Webinar | Facilitating the local integration of solar energy projects?

The UrbanThink® team will meet you on Tuesday, December 14 at 10:30 a.m. for a free information webinar, hosted by Mourad ZEROUKHI. En firstly, local authorities looking for operational information to integrate solar energy into their energy mix. This involves highlighting certain concrete solutions brought by actors already engaged in the development and financing of solar energy projects in the region.

Self-consumption of solar energy can be an excellent opportunity for local communities to get involved in the energy transition. Some have already taken measures, but many are still procrastinating and wondering whether or not solar is suitable for their local context.

To answer their questions, the UrbanThink® team is organizing an information webinar to provide an overview of self-consumption of solar energy, then dig into the details that can help local communities make decisions.

Our speakers give you the keys to successfully integrating photovoltaics into the energy mix of the territory in individual or collective self-consumption mode.

Speakers present:
Jean-Luc DUBOIS, Mayor of the commune of Langouet.
Benoit Bonaventur, Director of Environmental Transition at ARKEA Banque.
Stephane Chassagnon, Deputy Territorial Director of Enedis IleEtVillaine
Pierre-Emmanuel MARTIN, Vice-President Enerplan and President of Terre et Lac Solaire
Sylvère Labrune, Deputy Managing Director at IEL (Local Initiatives & Energies).

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